Exploring Acadia National Park and the Downeast Region

Flying Mountain Trail: A Great Solo Acadia Hike

During my many hikes on Acadia’s trails, I pass quite a few solo hikers.  Everyone has a story.  Some hikers I’ve spoken with have told me they wanted to get away from the kids or that none of their family wants to hike.  This summer morning I was looking for a hike that was short, challenging and that would be busy, since I too would hike solo.

In the book Best Easy Day Hikes, I found the Flying Mountain Trail.  The trail is on the west side of Somes Sound and has a short summit of 284 feet.  The trail loop is only 1.2 miles.   So off I went.

The trail entrance starts as a long staircase.  The trail continues upwards on log steps and granite stones.

There was a lot of water and mud on the path even though it was a dry day.  I recommend wearing waterproof hiking boots for the journey.  It’s a good fairly challenging climb up but it only takes about 10 minutes to get to the summit.

At the top, you see the mouth of Somes Sound and the dock of Asticou Terrace.  In the distance is Greening Island and the Cranberry Isles.

You can turn around here or continue on for another view of the harbor.  The trail then begins a steep descent on granite steps and rocks down to Valley Cove.  My hike was the week of July fourth so when I got to the cove it wasn’t quiet.  The beauty of the scenery was lost in crying kids and lots of activity.  I’m sure this pretty spot would be less crowded and perfect for a cool dip off-peak.  There is a rocky beach with clear water for wading.

From the cove, the trail turns left and then becomes a gravel path uphill and eventually the Valley Cove Fire Road.  This short .7 mile return is an easy walk.  You could also bring your mountain bike and just ride the Valley Cove fire road from the parking lot to the cove.   Several joggers passed by me on my way out.

The Flying Mountain trail.  A short hike with a “cool” payoff.