Exploring Acadia National Park and the Downeast Region

Hiking The Bowl Trail in Acadia National Park

It’s damp, drizzling and foggy.  The trailhead to the bowl is quiet.  No people hiking ahead.  Despite the cool, wet weather, it’s the perfect day to venture to the mountain lake tucked behind The Beehive in Acadia National Park.

In rainy weather, many of the park trails tend to be less busy and the mist only adds a whole new perspective to the wet and rocky terrain.  The bowl trail starts on the roadside just across from the entrance to the Sand Beach parking lot.  This trail will take you to The Beehive, the mountain lake tucked into a bowl and Gorham Mountain.
The trail starts with a rocky path that carries you over a small meandering stream.  About ten minutes into the hike, the path becomes dirt steps with wood treads.  It’s a steady climb up, but far easier than tackling The Beehive, which will also get you to the bowl.

This steady ascent provides opportunities to turn off to Gorham Mountain or continue on.  Just before you reach the bowl the trail levels out and you will find yourself walking over bright pink crushed granite.  Ahead of a bench awaits you to sit and take in a perfect view of the lake.

Take a right and you will continue on a wooden boardwalk to the rocky area that’s the perfect spot to go in for a dip.

Here you have a wide view of the entire lake unless you are hiking in the rain.  Despite having the view fogged in, the mountain lake provided a serene and quiet spot to hang.  Tiny little fish jumped out of the water feeding on lake insects.  At the water’s edge, you can see clear down about four feet.

If you want this misty view on a clear weather day, try an early morning hike to the bowl and watch the cool mist rise off the water as the day begins.

Photos courtesy of Emily Muise and Lynn Gregorski