Exploring Acadia National Park and the Downeast Region

Yes, there’s an app for that!

Picture this.  You’ve been hiking for a few hours.  You are no longer sure you are on the right trail and ahead of you lies yet another steep incline covered with iron rails. You have a map, but could use more help to figure out exactly where you are.   There’s an app for that!  Chimani: Acadia, a free app that covers every part of the park imaginable.

This app even has a GPS feature that shows you where you are located in the park.   Features include detailed trail descriptions, points of interest, ranger events and it will help you find everything from a bathroom to a boat launch.

Here’s a few highlights from the App Store site:

A ‘Maine-made’ app by people who know and love Acadia National Park! 300+ unique points of interest (POIs) throughout the Park. A 35 minute audio tour with all POIs along the Park Loop Road, GPS-enabled/custom-made/high-resolution map which is pre-loaded in the app (it’s a BIG app because no cell connection is required!!!), Ranger-Led events schedule, sunrise/sunsets and tidal data for a year, Island Explorer shuttle bus schedule, 45+ hiking trails, bicycling guide, and details on camping, horseback riding, lighthouses, museums, parking, restrooms, picnicking, swimming, birding, and boat launches throughout the Park.RICH CONTENT:+ Content has been written by a professional travel writer – not copy-and-pasted from the Park Service website!
+ Over 100 professional photographs of park.
+ Descriptions for 45 of the most popular hiking trails with the park.
+ Unique Safety section which details all the concerns while visiting the park.
+ Location and description of EVERY restroom in the park!
+ Location and description of EVERY parking lot in the park!
+ Location and description of EVERY picnic area lot in the park!
+ Over a years worth of tidal data (high/low tide) for the Park.
+ Over a years worth of sunrise/sunset data for the Park.
+ Details on bicycling, camping, lighthouses, museums, swimming, birding and boat launches throughout the park!MAPS:+ NO CELL/WIFI CONNECTION REQUIRED!
+ High resolution, custom made map with contours lines, shaded relief, roads, trails and carriage roads.
+ Carriage roads intersection labels.
+ Hiking trails for the entire park.
+ Over 30,000 map tiles pre-loaded to allow for detailed zoom levels.
+ All trails labeled and displayed based on National Park Service supplied geographic information system data (GIS)
+ Interactive map annotations.
+ GPS “where am I” function for the entire Park (does not work on non-GPS enabled devices such as the iPod Touch)
+ Ability to turn on/off all points of interest “layers” on the map.AUDIO/AUTO TOUR:+ 35+ minute audio tour by a professional voiceover artist.
+ 28 points of interest located in the Park Loop Road.RANGER-LED EVENTS SCHEDULE:+ Daily National Park Service Ranger-led events are pre-loaded and updated automatically.
+ Includes the time, optional fees, accessibility, meeting location, and description.
+ View multiple days of events.
+ Updated on a regular basis.ISLAND EXPLORER SHUTTLE BUS SCHEDULE:* Complete Island Explorer FREE shuttle bus schedule.
* Stop locations and times.
* Simple, easy to read “Next Bus Arrives” interface.SUNRISE/SUNSET:+ Sunrise and sunset data for seven of the best locations in the park.
+ View any date within 365 days into the future.
+ Updated on a regular basis.TIDE SCHEDULE:+ High and Low tide schedule for key locations throughout the park
+ Tidal schedule for Thunder Hole, Bar Island, Sand Beach.
+ View any date within 365 days into the future.
+ Updated on a regular basis.INTERFACE:
+ Three “swipe-able pages” of universal National Park Service symbols.
+ Search all content within the app.
+ Favorites feature.